Class 10th biology notes

Bihar board class 10th biology notes help students with the revision of all topics covered in the class. They are prepared on the basis of NCERT Textbooks for class 10 prescribed by the BSEB. These notes are very similar to the notes students prepare in tuition, coaching, and at home. They are essential for students who have studied the same topics earlier but need to brush up on their knowledge.

NCERT class 12 biology questions

NCERT class 12 biology question paper for Bihar board class 10th is prepared to keep in view the syllabus prescribed by the Bihar Board. These questions are designed to give you an idea about the type of questions that might be asked in the examination. Hence, it is very important for students to solve as many model papers as possible. This will improve their speed and score good marks in the examination. Hence, students should solve six to seven model papers before the actual examination.

Bihar Board class 12 biology model papers are a great way to prepare for the exam. They help students to understand the format of the exam and the level of difficulty. This will also help them to evaluate their level of preparation for the subject. Students are increasingly feeling the pressure of performing well in exams and need to get the right preparation. By solving the model papers, students can assess how well they understand the subject and feel confident about their answers.

Students should practice important Biology Class 12 Bihar Board questions to increase their speed and efficiency. While they are solving these questions, they should write the answers neatly and in detail. Doing so will improve their speed of writing and will also help them manage their time efficiently during the examination. They will also be able to gauge the difficulty level of the questions and thus score better.

Students can also practice their knowledge by solving past year’s biology questions. Solving these past questions will help students familiarize themselves with the format and structure of the paper. Even if you are a slow learner, solving these previous questions will be an important way to get better at the subject.

Bihar board Class 12 biology exams are held every year in February-March. The results will be announced in May-June.

NCERT class 12 biology answers

NCERT class 12 biology answers for Bihar Board class 10th can help students prepare for the class 12 board examination. These solutions contain both subjective and objective questions. They contain answers in both Hindi and English. These notes are available in PDF format. They are good study aid and provide step-by-step explanations of difficult topics. Students can use these notes to boost their confidence before the board exam.

The NCERT class 12 biology solutions for Bihar Board class 10th will give students a thorough understanding of the topics covered in the class. These solutions contain topics such as Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plant L. Moreover, these solutions cover all the important questions and provide a complete study guide.

These NCERT class 12 biology answers for Bihar Board class 10th can be downloaded free of cost. Students can also make use of free resources such as Bihar Board biology model papers, which are provided on the website. You can download the sample papers by clicking on the links below.

Creating a study plan for the Bihar Board class 10th examination is a good idea. It is important to plan out the days for preparation so that you don’t feel too stressed and rushed. Practicing previous year’s question papers is also an excellent way to get familiar with the exam pattern. Ultimately, it is important to develop a study method that works best for you. You can prepare yourself by completing the syllabus and reviewing it in parallel.

In Bihar, the class 12 board exam is held in February and March of each year. The results are released in June. Bihar board class 10th and 12th students can download their date sheets by following the steps listed below. It’s a good idea to study for the exam, even if you have an average IQ.

NCERT class 12 biology answers for Bihar Board class 10th are available in Hindi and English. They are available in PDF format. They have been created by expert teachers. All these solutions are available free of cost for students to use.

Bihar board class 10th biology revision notes

Bihar Board Class 10th Biology Revision Notes are a vital part of the board examination preparation. They will help you revise the important topics without much hassle and ensure that you have a good base knowledge of the subject. These notes are prepared by experts and are a fast and easy way to revise the entire syllabus.

Bihar Board Class 10 Biology revision notes are provided free of cost. They contain detailed explanations of every topic in the textbook. Apart from that, they also contain solved questions from the NCERT books. These notes will help you score high marks on the board exams. You can download the PDF files for free and revise your studies anytime.

These notes were prepared by the Bihar State Council for Education Research and Training (SCERT), with the aim of providing comprehensive help to students. Designed to help students understand the content in their textbooks, they summarize key topics, formulas, and concepts from the text. They are particularly useful in the final revision stage. These notes can be downloaded easily and are applicable to all boards.

These notes are available in PDF format and are created by subject matter experts and in-house teachers. These experts have gone through the exam papers of the past 10 years and identified important topics. The revision notes help students go through the whole syllabus faster, understand concepts more easily, and answer questions more effectively.

Besides revision notes, CBSE notes also contain chapter summaries, which can be used for last-minute quick revision of the syllabus. These notes are available for free and cover all of the topics in the syllabus. They also include infographics and are written by experienced teachers. They can also be used as an aid during final board exams.

Bihar board class 10th biology syllabus

Bihar Board Class 10th biology syllabus covers topics on genetics and evolution, cell biology, and animal behavior. The syllabus is designed to give students the knowledge they need to perform well in class. In addition, it helps them in improving their study skills. The syllabus is published online and can be easily downloaded.

The Revision Notes prepared by the Bihar Board are very useful in preparing for the Class 10 board examination. Moreover, they help students in revising the entire syllabus in a short time. These notes have systematic explanations and important topics are separated by small rectangular boxes and bold texts. They are very easy to understand and cover all important topics.

For your convenience, the Bihar Board has provided the Class 10 Biology syllabus online. The syllabus is divided into two papers: the theory paper and the practical paper. The theory paper is worth 80 marks while the practical paper is worth 20 marks. The difficulty level and time required to study each unit vary, so it is important to prioritize each chapter according to its weightage.

The Bihar Board Class 10th biology syllabus covers topics on the evolution of animals, life cycles, and physiology. It is also part of the State Government of Bihar. As such, it is important to understand the syllabus in order to excel in the class exam. Besides, it helps students prepare for the class 12 exam. The Board also conducts examinations for students in the public and private sectors.

The Bihar Board Class 10th Biology syllabus is published regularly, ensuring that students know what to expect in the class 10 Science examination. A comprehensive understanding of the syllabus will help students plan their timetable and prepare for the exam. The Syllabus can also help teachers plan the class. With a clear understanding of the topics covered, they can plan the right classes to help students succeed.



1. जैव प्रक्रम

  • वे सभी प्रक्रम जो संयुक्त रूप से जीव के अनुरक्षण का कार्य करते है , जैव प्रक्रम कहलाते है |
  • भोजन ग्रहण करना , पचे भोजन का अवशोषण एवं शरीर द्वारा अनुरक्षण के लिए उसका उपयोग पोषण कहलाता है
  • पोषण दो प्रकार के होते है स्वपोषी पोषण विषमपोषी पोषण
  • स्वपोषी पोषण हरे पौधे में तथा कुछ जीवाणुओं जो प्रकाश संश्लेषण कर सकते है
  • पत्ती की सतह पर जो सूक्ष्म छिद्र होते है उन्हें रन्ध कहते है
  • पोषण प्रक्रम के दौरान ग्रहण की गई खाद समाग्री का उपयोग कोशिकाओ में होता है जिसमे विभिन्न जैव प्रक्रमों के लिए ऊर्जा प्राप्त होती है | ऊर्जा उत्पादन के लिए कोशिकाओं में भोजन के विखंडन को कोशिकीय श्वसन कहते है

2.  निंयत्रण एवं समन्वय

  • सभी जंतुओं में दो मुख्य तंत्रो द्वारा किया जाता है
  • जैव कार्यो के सफल संचालन हेतु सभी जीवो के अंगो एवं अंग तंत्र का समन्वय तथा नियंत्रण जरूरी है |
  • पौधा में तंत्रिका तंत्र नहीं है
  • मानव मस्तिष्क शरीर का सबसे महत्वपूर्ण अंग होता है
  • सभी प्राणियों को तंत्रिका तंत्र आदि विशिस्ट प्रकार की कोशिकाओ से बनता है , जिन्हे तंत्रिका कोशिका कहते है
  • मानव का तंत्रिका तंत्र दो भाग में विभाजित किया गया है केंद्रीय तंत्रिका तंत्र 2.  परिधीय तंत्रिका तंत्र

3. जीव जनन कैसे करते है

  • जनन वह प्रक्रिया है जिसके द्वारा सजीव अपने जैसे नए जीव उत्पन्न करते है
  • कोशकी के केंद्र में पाए जाने वाले गुणसूत्रों को डी. एन. ए. के अणुओं के अनुवांशिक गुण कहते है
  • प्रजनन के दो प्रकार है लैंगिक प्रजनन 2. अलैंगिक प्रजनन
  • एकल जीव नए जीव उत्पन्न करता है | उसे अलैंगिक प्रजनन कहते है
  • दो एकल जीव ( एक नर एवं एक मादा ) मिलकर नया जीव उत्पन्न करते है उसे लैंगिक प्रजनन कहते है
  • इस प्रक्रम में एक कोशिका दो या दो से अधिक कोशिकाओं में विभाजित हो जाती है उसे विखंडन कहते है

4.आनुवंशिकता एवं जैव विकास

  • जिन :- मेंडल ने जिन को ‘ कारक ‘ ‘ अथवा ‘ फैक्टर कहा | जीन अनुवांशिक की इकाई है
  • आनुवंशिकता :- जनको से उनके संतानो में पीढ़ी -दर – पीढ़ी युग्मको के माध्यम से पैतृक गुणों का संचरण अनुवांशिकता कहलता है
  • जैव विकास :- पृथ्वी पर वर्तमान जटिल प्राणियों का विकास प्रारंभ में पाए जाने वाले सरल प्राणियों में परिस्थिति और वातावरण के अनुसार होने वाले परिवर्तनों के कारन हुआ | सजीव जगत में होने वाले इस परिवर्तन को जैव विकास कहते है
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