A student’s syllabus is a very important part of their education. This is because it outlines what types of subjects a person will study, what the learning objectives are, and whether or not they’ll get the grade they’re expecting. It is also helpful to know what kinds of questions will be asked in an exam. For example, if a student has a maths or English test, he or she can prepare for it by reading a book, preparing a list of questions, or analyzing past exams. If a student knows what he or she is expected to learn, he or she will be able to focus more on the task at hand.


Bihar board mathematics syllabus is designed to help students understand the different topics and concepts related to this subject. It will also assist students to achieve good marks in their upcoming exams.

In order to achieve good scores in the 10th board examination, candidates should read the entire syllabus thoroughly. A comprehensive study of the syllabus will help students understand the exam pattern, as well as how to prepare. Moreover, knowing the exact syllabus will help them to keep track of their progress.

The syllabus is divided into various parts, which include English, Maths, Science and Social Studies. Each section has a separate set of topics. Students should practice the material covered in the syllabus for good results.


A thorough understanding of the Bihar board syllabus for Physics is important to secure good marks. Having a strong foundation in the subjects will boost your confidence and help you perform well in the exam. The syllabus is divided into two parts, one for theory and the other for practicals.

Hence, you need to spend plenty of time practicing and preparing for the numerical problems. You should also refer to the previous years’ question papers to understand the pattern and difficulty level. This will enable you to focus on crucial areas and to identify weak areas.

In the board examinations, the practical part of each subject is worth 30% of the total marks. To score a high mark, you need to devote a lot of time for practice and revision.


When it comes to studying chemistry, you’ve probably heard the word “syllabus.” This is because the syllabus contains important concepts and topics. However, the syllabus itself doesn’t necessarily tell you everything you need to know.

The syllabus of BSEB 11th is helpful in providing you with a clear picture of what chapters and subjects you can expect to study. It also includes the marking scheme for the upcoming board exams. So, you can start practicing the exam-style questions and other relevant materials as soon as possible.

The syllabus of Bihar Board class 12 is divided into three major streams. These include science, commerce and humanities/arts. All these streams have their own syllabus, but the most important thing to remember is that you must study all of them well in time.

Intermediate English

The syllabus of the Bihar board is an important guide for students to stay on the right track. It provides a brief overview of the main topics in each subject, including a summary of the marking scheme.

In addition to this, the BSEB class 12 English syllabus is essential for students to get a feel for what the various subjects are about. By understanding the BSEB syllabus, students can allocate time to each topic accordingly.

The syllabus of the Bihar board is available in PDF format. To get a clearer view of the syllabus, students can visit the official website of the board. There is a section on the site with a ‘Syllabus’ button.

Other subjects

The Bihar board syllabus includes 12 subjects. These include English, Mathematics, Science, Social science, Urdu, Hindi, Bangla, and Sanskrit.

All students must study these subjects in order to score good marks in the board exam. A student must go through the complete syllabus before studying the subject. There are also some optional subjects that can be studied by the student. For instance, Biology and Accountancy can be added.

Maths is considered as a tough subject. It requires a lot of practice. But it is a vital subject for all streams. Moreover, students can get good marks in the subject as the syllabus contains lots of questions.

Biology is one of the most important subjects for science stream students. It strengthens the student’s base and provides them with fundamental knowledge about space, time, and motion.