Bihar Kushal Yuva Program 2022

You may be wondering how to get a place in Bihar’s kushal yuva program in 2022. This article will cover eligibility requirements, the application process, and more. Also, you’ll discover the latest information on allotments. The Bihar government is planning to recruit one lakh youth to help children in the state who are falling behind in education. In this article, we’ll discuss how to apply for the program and how to check your Allotment status.


The Bihar Skill Development Mission has launched a unique skill training program – the Kushal Yuva Program – to improve the employability skills of youth from different age groups. The program focuses on basic computer literacy, life skills, and employability in addition to complementing the state’s existing domain-specific training initiatives. The eligibility criteria are as follows:

Those who are 15 to 28 years old must meet the minimum age requirement and be from the OBC or Dalit community. Those who have completed higher education can also apply. The program will offer self-help allowance after training. To apply, interested candidates must visit the website of the Bihar Skill Development Mission. Click on the main menu bar to find the various training opportunities and apply. You will need to provide a few details like your age, educational qualification, and employment status.

Apart from these, there are other criteria. As KYP is purely online, it requires a well-developed IT infrastructure. There must be adequate computing resources in the learning lab. At least twenty PCs and one server should be present. Also, there should be good public transportation facilities. It is important to have good local environment and public transportation. Furthermore, a computer lab should have all the expected resources for e-learning. At least 20 clients should be available for learning.

As the Bihar Kushal Yojana has many objectives, it is important for youth to avail of them. Increasing their skills in a variety of fields will increase the chances of finding a job in Bihar. The program will also provide training in soft skills and computer literacy, which will increase employability. And a computer literacy course is one of the most important skills for a job in Bihar.

As a part of the Skilled Youth Program, Bihar KYP Registration 2022 offers free laptops to eligible students. This program targets high school and college students. It is free to apply for and offers computer training to participants. A participant needs to deposit a nominal amount of 1000 rupees, which is returned after completion of the course. By the way, the program will also offer free laptops to qualified candidates.


The Bihar Kushal Yuga program is a training scheme for the youth of the state. It covers three areas: life skills, communication skills and basic computer literacy. During the course duration, 240 hours will be covered, 40 hours will be devoted to life skills and 80 hours to communication skills and basic computer literacy. The training shall be conducted through E-Learning mode. The students will get a certificate after successfully completing the course.

The Bihar Kushal Yuga Program is a government scheme for youth in the state. This scheme aims to train them and provide job opportunities. There are 1470 youth centers in Bihar, and already 40 of these are functioning. By empowering the youth of the state, Bihar can develop a thriving economy. In the long run, it will benefit the entire state. The government has a vision for Bihar’s future, and they’ve got a good chance to make it so.

The program also aims to empower the youth by establishing skill training centres in every Block. The youth will be able to acquire valuable skills with the help of these centers. They can also apply for jobs in the state, which is a major challenge in the current economy. The state government is making an effort to make these programs more accessible. In addition to these, KYP is a good way to promote entrepreneurial activity.

In order to be eligible for the Bihar Kushal Yuga program, you must have completed your 10th grade or matriculation from a recognized educational institution in Bihar. You should be a permanent resident of Bihar, and must be between the ages of fifteen and 28. Furthermore, you must not be working, self-employed, or on government assistance at the time of application.

The state government has also launched the Bihar Skill Development Mission, a government initiative aimed at providing the youth with the skills and training they need to be employable. These programs help small businesses file their GST returns and provide courses for unemployed youth. Furthermore, students who have cleared their 12th board will receive an approach to self-employment. Several departments of the Bihar State government work together to ensure the success of this initiative.

Application process

The application process for the Bihar Kushal Yojana 2022 can be completed through the official website. You should have all the required documents with you while applying. Moreover, you must carefully read the instructions and process details before applying. BSDM reserves the right to grant or reject authorization. However, authorization as an Enterprise Development Center must be granted subject to completion of all formalities and submission of all required documents. The organization should deposit 500 INR as processing fee, three thousand INR as center registration fee, and one thousand rupees as course enrollment fee.

The Bihar Kushal Yojana program has numerous objectives. One of them is to provide skill training to the youth of the state. By providing skill training, this program will help these youngsters launch their careers. The government will provide the required training for them to be able to land up in high-paying jobs. A certificate will be awarded to them upon completion of the training. In addition to this, the program will also help them get employment in the state.

To qualify for the Bihar Kushal Yojana, you must be a resident of Bihar. You should be at least 15 years old and have completed your high school or equivalent. The minimum educational qualification is 12th grade. Additionally, the family income must not be more than BPL. The age range for SC/ST candidates is fifteen to thirty-three years. Once you have met the eligibility criteria, you can apply for the program online.

The Bihar government is implementing its new initiative to provide skill training to the youth. The program will offer the youth with job opportunities based on their skill and qualifications. A certificate that you receive will allow you to apply for jobs anywhere, improve your financial status, and become self-reliant. It is a good idea for Bihar’s youth to take advantage of this program to gain skills and get an education.

The application process for Bihar Kushal Yojana is a relatively simple one. All the eligible applicants must meet the eligibility criteria. For instance, Bihar is looking for people who have some work experience and want to improve their skills. This program offers training to children and youth who have fallen behind in school. You will learn English and Hindi, and receive a free laptop. This is a great way to boost your chances of landing a good job in the state.

Allotment status

If you are looking for the latest news on the Bihar Kushal Yojana allotment status, you are at the right place. Keeping in view the recent changes in the government scheme, this information is essential in determining your eligibility for the program. First of all, you should ensure that you have the right educational qualification for the program. A 10th or 12th examination certificate copy will be required if you are a beneficiary of the scheme.

The next step is to check whether you fulfill the eligibility criteria. Applicants who are seeking a job in Bihar should make sure that they have completed their tenth or higher education. The state has declared eligibility standards, and only those applicants who meet these standards are considered for the program. Once you have verified your eligibility, you should submit your application. If you have completed your training, you should receive a certificate of completion.

The Bihar State Skill Development Mission is designed to provide a better working environment for the public in Bihar. It helps small businesses with GST returns, offers courses to the unemployed, and enables students to enter the workforce. It is made possible by the collaboration of more than 15 departments of the state government. With these programs, many people in Bihar are able to find work and earn a decent income.

For those who have not already qualified, Bihar Skilled Youth Programme (BiKYP) is an excellent option for them. The program aims to provide skills to young people of all sections of the state. It will also provide training according to a person’s qualification. The age criterion for eligibility is tenth grade pass or better. The BKSYP training program will help young people learn soft skills, communication skills, and basic computer literacy. It also includes life skills, communication skills, and computer literacy, among other things. The training will be delivered in an E-Learning mode, so that it can be accessed online.

The process of verification will begin after you upload your documents. The process will be completed in stages, and beneficiaries will be notified by e-mail or SMS when their application status is finalized. If you are planning to take learning classes, you will receive an e-mail or SMS containing the details of the centre in which you can take the classes. So, stay tuned to get the latest news on the Bihar Kushal Yuva program 2022 allotment status.

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