Bihar Board Class 10 English Essay Writing

 1. How to Write an Essay About the Most Enjoyable Day of School

Essays about first days of school are some of the most fun to write. They capture the social aspect of the first day of school and serve as a gateway to memoir. You can choose to write about the first day of school as a memoir, or you can capture a personal event, such as a school play. Whatever you choose, it is guaranteed to be memorable. There are many topics to choose from, but there are some that are more fun to write than others.

Brainstorming is a great way to generate ideas and knowledge on the topic. Brainstorming helps you understand the meaning of the topic and how to structure the research and essay. Sometimes, it is the only opportunity you have to do research before writing. Brainstorming helps you identify your main argument and organise your points. If you have a topic, it will be easier for you to write about it. Make sure you have a clear thesis, which is the most important part of an essay.

2. Writing a Terrorism Essay

The concept of terrorism is complex, but it is typically defined as systematic use of violence to achieve a political or social objective. Since September 11th 2001, the world has experienced a paradigm shift as a result of these attacks, with a general climate of fear replacing feelings of anxiety and hatred. The events of 9/11 have been the subject of many debates and discussions throughout history. If you are considering writing an essay on terrorism, you’ll want to explore these topics.

In response to violence perpetrated against the civilian population, Western states and leaders have increasingly turned to terms like terrorism to describe their actions. These terms blur moral distinctions by conflating evaluation of conflicting causes with the legitimacy of their means. They condemn terrorism and talk of waging war against it, but the terms terrorism propaganda are inherently vague and often contradictory. This is unfortunate because terrorism has a complex history, but the term is a common one for the various ideologies that underlie it.

Terrorism is often motivated by a sense of self-hatred, and many of its acts have been reprehensible. However, some states use terrorism to force a political message on its people. Others use terrorism to eliminate dissent among the population. Some governments use terrorism as a means to thwart normal political systems and counter radical groups. The ramifications of this phenomenon are numerous, and most countries have begun to act accordingly.

Terrorism began with the theft of a pen from a friend, and eventually, turned into a bloody act. Terrorists use demonization to control the population, and they hope this fear will make the population pressure their political leaders. The most successful terrorism essays will highlight these ramifications. However, terrorism should be used in conjunction with political and economic analysis and research. You can make your argument with real-life examples to prove the arguments against terrorism.

A common misconception about terrorism is that terrorists are indiscriminate and crazy. Many people assume that terrorists are Islamic or Muslim, but this isn’t true. There are people who commit terrorist acts from any part of the world, and even their next-door neighbors. Therefore, a well-researched terrorism essay will discuss how this fundamental attribution error affects the behavior of terrorist groups. The concept of terrorism should be examined critically.

The United States has faced several terrorist acts throughout history. Some of the most deadly attacks occurred in the 1990s, with terrorists from Puerto Rican nationalist groups, antiabortion groups, and foreign-based organizations attacking the country. The attacks of 9/11 are considered among the deadliest ever perpetrated on American soil. In the first attack, the World Trade Center was blown up, killing 168 people; in the second, an American military base was bombed in Saudi Arabia, and a suicide bomber killed 17 sailors.

While there is no definite answer to the problem of terrorism, the recent events of 9-11 have raised questions regarding its moral legitimacy. While many philosophers deplore using analytical tools to explain current events, they find them useful in influencing future events. However, the results of this approach are often not based on the morally correct answer. In fact, the terrorism essay will often make more of an argument than a practical one.

3.Advantages of Village Life Essay

In this essay I will present some of the benefits of village living. For starters, it’s a very cheap way to live and a lot cheaper than living in the city. Aside from that, villagers have plenty of room to grow crops and have wide houses. They can even make more rooms and expand their homes as needed. Also, since villagers are not confined to one house, they can help each other. This way, they can solve problems much easier.

There are a few disadvantages to village life, though. The quality of education is generally poor and medical care is nonexistent. The general mentality of villagers is also very rigid. Living in a village also means you are unlikely to get as much education as you would in a city, and you’ll have to work harder for it. Aside from all of these disadvantages, a village lifestyle is a beautiful and serene way to live.

For starters, there are fewer noise and pollution problems. The absence of vehicles and industrial pollution makes it possible for village dwellers to eat food that’s fresher than its city counterpart. And fresher milk makes you healthier and stronger. While artificial milk is produced by many companies in the city, it can’t compare to the fresh milk that villagers drink. The benefits of village life are numerous. So, consider all this when you’re thinking of moving out of the city.

Another advantage is that the village is naturally perfect. The air is clean and water is pure. The ambiance is peaceful and calm, and it improves concentration. People are friendly and share special foods with each other. They also participate in social functions and cultural gatherings. You can go out with your neighbors and enjoy the social life in a village. So, consider all this in 2006.

City life is noisy and dirty, and many people do not have the emotional depth and perspective that village dwellers have. Compared to city life, there are more jobs and opportunities in the city. Because the city is a hub of commerce, more money circulates. This means that the prospects of prosperity are much higher. And the opportunities are infinite for the talented. However, the benefits outweigh these drawbacks. While city life is faster, it is not as exciting or fulfilling as village life.

Another benefit of village living is the fresh air. People in villages have cleaner air than their city counterparts, and they sleep earlier and wake up earlier. Fresh air and hard work improves their health. The fresh air, coupled with a slower pace of life, will give you a clear head. In addition, villagers are also more social, and you will get to know more people in a village. Unlike your city neighbors, you will know your neighbor next door!

One major disadvantage of living in a rural area is that it’s not easy to develop. Most villages lack basic infrastructures, such as schools, roads, medical facilities, and sanitation facilities. Furthermore, because of lack of education, the agricultural sector is not growing. Modern agricultural methods, however, can improve the quality of the produce. In addition to these advantages, rural living is more affordable and sustainable than the city. If you’re looking for a good place to live, consider a village.

4. Animals in Captivity Essay

The animal in captivity does not experience the same freedom as an animal in the wild. Captive animals develop poor survival skills and a weak response to predators. While in the wild, parents provide food and care for their young. They also have a variety of opportunities to learn from one another, such as mimicry and imitation. This process helps animals to learn new skills and learn to act uniquely to attract a reward.

Using childhood memories is a powerful way to start an animal in captivity essay. Recall your experience of visiting a zoo or watching visitors interact with animals. Consider whether you still agree with the treatment of these animals in captivity. Then, draw on your feelings to support your position. Animals in captivity is a topic that touches the hearts of many people, and an argumentative essay should appeal to the emotions of others.

Zoos are cruel places for animals, deprived of the opportunity to develop, and denied the right to a natural habitat. By limiting their habitat, captive animals lose essential genes that order their health. They also have very limited chance of returning to their natural habitat. For these reasons, it is far better for animals to return to the wild than live in captivity. This essay will discuss some of the most important points about the plight of these animals.

Zoochosis is a disorder common to animals in captivity. Zoochosis manifests itself in many stereotypical behaviors. In the film Blackfish, orcas exhibited many recorded acts of aggression. Four of these acts resulted in death. It’s difficult to detect mental disorders in wild animals, but if we know how to look for them, we may be able to catch them early.

5. How to Write an Important Day in My Life Essay

You may be asked to write an essay about a significant day in your life. Helen Keller tells her story to explain what a life-changing experience this was. In this essay, she relates the experience of a teacher who taught her how to read and write. The essay is a powerful personal story, and you will be able to capture the essence of the event through your writing. To write a life-changing experience essay, you should consider the following tips:

6. India’s Cultyral Diversity Essay

A major characteristic of the Indian subcontinent is its cultural diversity, with people belonging to different races living side by side. The Indian population is diverse, with jungle tribes, Greeks, Sakas, Hunas, Mongolians, Arabs, and a host of other groups. From Kashmir to Assam, the physical features of the people differ widely. This article outlines some of the main characteristics of Indians.

Despite the country’s diverse population, Indians are a united and pluralistic society. This nation has absorbed numerous cultures over the years, and the various communities have contributed to the cohesiveness of India. Different religious dynasties and rulers have contributed to the country’s cultural and linguistic diversity. As a result, India’s multiculturalism and equality of religion have resulted in the blending of diverse cultures into one cohesive whole.

The country’s culture is a diverse reflection of the beliefs, rituals, and practices of its people. This diversity has created a society with various ways of life, ranging from food habits to dance forms to music. These unique aspects of Indian culture are prized and important to all Indians. This essay will introduce some of the main characteristics of Indian culture and how they influence the lives of its citizens.

Because India is so vast and diverse, it presents an endless diversity of cultural and physical characteristics. India’s linguistic, cultural, and racial makeup are unrivaled anywhere else in the world. With so many languages and religions, it is truly the epitome of the world. The people of India are diverse, and this makes the country’s rich history more fascinating and interesting. There are many types of diversity to explore.

Although Hindi is the official language of the country, there are dialects in every state. It is not uncommon to find a sign board in English, Hindi, or a state language. The country is also known as one of the most religiously diverse nations in the world. While four major religions are prevalent, many smaller religions play an important role in the lives of Indians. Listed below are some of the major religions in India and how they influence one another.

Art forms in India also hold a prominent place in Indian culture. Each state has its own art form that differs from the one of its neighbors. Many art forms are fusions of other Indian states. The Hindu form of Mohiniyattam focuses on the graceful movements of the dancer, while the Parsi style is known for its vibrant dances. The diverse forms of Indian culture have influenced the art and life of Indians.

Food in India is also diverse. While most people eat rice in the north, many people in coastal regions eat only vegetables. Different regional traditions use spices to add flavor and a unique taste. Throughout the country, people follow different food cultures. The British, for instance, adopted chicken tikka masala as their national dish, while the people of Rajasthan eat rice. A good essay will include both cultural and regional variations of these dishes.

7. Trip to the Moon Essay Contest

The A trip to the moon essay is a classic example of imaginative writing. Imagine that you’re a young man, planning a one-week lunar expedition. How would you handle the situation? And what would you learn? How would you write about it? It’s time to explore your imagination and your creative writing skills! The Artemis Moon Pod Essay Contest is open to U.S. students in grades K-12. The deadline is Dec. 17, 2020.

Originally thought to be lost forever, the hand-colored version of A Trip to the Moon was rediscovered in Barcelona, Spain in 1993 and recently restored. The restoration was one of the most extensive projects to date and three film experts were recruited to complete the job. With this release, audiences are finally able to enjoy Melies’ vision of space. Despite the risks involved, the film’s aesthetic appeal will captivate audiences for years to come.

The film was the first science-fiction film and is considered one of the first examples of pataphysical concepts. A Trip to the Moon also shows advanced narrative techniques and creative editing. As a result, it is one of the earliest productions that is both renowned and studied. Its appeal is undeniable. The film’s characters are highly believable and its themes are universal. The film’s message is that humankind has the potential to explore space, and that the Moon is the ultimate destination.

8. Television As Entertainment

While some people believe that television is only an entertainment medium, there are also people who believe that it serves as a source of education. This essay will argue for both sides of this debate, and explain how television benefits both education and entertainment. While there are many free educational channels on television, some argue that the television is merely for entertainment. For instance, if you’re a teenager, it might be hard to concentrate on every single lesson.

While it is true that television is a distraction from learning, it is also true that it has some positive aspects. While it can easily distract a student from studying, when used appropriately, it can enhance their knowledge and skills. Listed below are some of the negative effects of television. To use the essay in your own paper, you must cite the author. To ensure proper citation, you can use it as a reference or example.

The main focus of television is entertainment, but other forms of entertainment have been created over time as well. For example, soap operas are often considered to be entertaining, even though they often contain information. Even more, reality shows, like those produced by CBS and ABC, often contain a lot of information. But they are also packaged in a way that keeps viewers interested. Ultimately, the way television entertains us is a function of what we like.

In addition to providing entertainment, television is also a great source of education. There are many educational channels on television, with programs about various cultures and wild life. The Discovery channel, for example, offers programs on different cultures. The BBC is a good source for improving one’s English speaking skills. And news channels fulfill their purpose as news providers. It is not surprising that many people enjoy television. But, while many are adamant about the negative effects, it still serves as a valuable educational tool.

Another benefit of television is that it allows us to get a lot of exposure on different topics. While television may increase family bonds, it also provides many violent content and inappropriate language. These can negatively affect both young and old. In addition, the television may even cause the development of certain cancers. The effects of television on children and young people are often underestimated. It may also be detrimental for society. This is because of the wide scope of programming available on television.

In addition to providing fun, television can also teach us a lot about various topics. There are even educational channels for students and PhDs. Moreover, live news broadcasts from all around the world help us keep abreast of current events. This can be a valuable source of information for people who otherwise would not have access to such information. The television also helps us learn about different cultures. And, we don’t need to leave our homes to enjoy watching television.

9.Computers in Everyday Life

Many people have a home computer that allows them to do everything from work to watching TV. People use computers to bank, edit photos, and maintain their family’s finances. In addition to entertainment, computers are an integral part of daily life, from making credit card transactions to helping students study. But just what are computers used for? Let’s take a look. What are their uses? And why do we need them? Hopefully this essay will give you some ideas on how you can incorporate computers into your life.

Firstly, computers are used to connect people from different parts of the world. We can build a global family by using these machines. Using computers to communicate online has led to the development of social networks. We can join in online forums to discuss current events, protest against wrongdoing, and rally support for someone. Another important role of computers in modern life is to make people aware of the world around them. We can now consult doctors, clarify legal points, or seek help with homework online.

Another major role of computers can be seen in the military, where computers help with complex tasks like assembling weapons. Police have begun using computers to store crime data. And since computers have become so popular in every field, we are more reliant on them for many of our tasks. As a result, it is widely believed that computers are an integral part of human life. Therefore, if computers do not exist, society may not be as efficient.

10. Mahatma Gandhi

Write a Mahatma Gandhi essay to show how important he was to the nation. There are many reasons to study Gandhi’s life, from his political activism to his work as a social activist. In addition to his contributions to the advancement of human rights and democracy, Gandhi was an icon of the twentieth century. His death was arguably the greatest blow to forces of peace and justice in the world.

In lower primary classes, children may be asked to write a short essay about Mahatma Gandhi. To help them prepare, they can start by writing down as many facts as they can. In this way, students will have the opportunity to learn a lot about Gandhi while constructing their essay. They can also write simple sentences about his life and his achievements. Students will probably need to memorize a few facts and dates about Gandhi, including his birthplace and marriage to Kasturba Kapadia. Students will also need to be able to explain how Gandhi’s life is relevant to their own lives and how they can apply these facts to the present.

Apart from his political activism, Gandhi was a spiritual sage. His views were prevalent in all areas of human life. He encouraged friendship and cooperation between people of different faiths and beliefs. His life, as well as the work he did for his nation, inspired many future leaders around the world, from Martin Luther King Jr. to James Beve. Even the United Nations honors Gandhi. In addition to his legacy, 30th January is celebrated as a School Day of Nonviolence.

As an Indian nationalist, Gandhi believed in non-violence. He taught his followers to be self-sufficient and to boycott foreign goods. Ultimately, this approach led to his arrest many times, including by the British. He was a martyr and a hero to his country, and his work will live on forever. He will always be remembered as an example of a man who lived by his values.

A Mahatma Gandhi essay will show his influence on history. Gandhi’s civil disobedience campaigns helped India attain independence. His speeches and actions made the Indian people active participants in the political movements. If you have ever read a Mahatma Gandhi essay, you’ll see that the man truly embodies the essence of freedom. There is no better example of non-violence in history.

As a young man, Mahatma Gandhi studied law in England. As a lawyer, he became a renowned lawyer. After graduating, he moved to South Africa, where he battled against European oppression. During this time, he was also influenced by Bhakti saints, which he read as a young man. Eventually, he returned to India to fight for independence for his country.

The handwritten draft of Mahatma Gandhi’s famous essay, “A Common Platform,” is now preserved in the South Asian Rare Book Collection. It was written by the Indian leader in 1933. In his reply to a judge on the Madras High Court, C.V. Kumaraswamy Sastriar, Gandhi states that Sastriar’s view is a traditionalist view. He argues that laws can’t combat the untouchable status of certain members of society.

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